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Welcome to learn with AllEars -method. Get ready for the best music learning experience of your life.

Can you play hundreds of songs and entertain yourself and friends by playing any song you ever wanted to play? If not, you came to the right place. We are here to help you. Unique AllEars -method is a result of 20 years of teaching, learning, trial and error and especially passion for the music and guitar.

agtatmethodAllEars is a Student-Friendly, feature filled & most of all a lot of fun. It works with total beginners and seasoned professionals and comes with many features & lessons which will lead you to become as a player you always wanted to be.

AllEars -methods goal is simple. You will learn to play any song you want by ear using the several acoustic guitar playing techniques presented in AllEars -method. This is also called the natural approach.

When you start to understand and learn that all the music material already exists as we listen to it, and you can transfer what you hear to the guitar... no one can stop you anymore. You are free for expression and imagination. You can learn songs fast from records or videos and enjoy this skill as an ultimate way to make you happy with your instrument.

How about tabs and music notation?


In AllEars each new note and rhythm is learned from sheet music but after that the learning process continues with several ear training audio exercises. Technique sections exercises include sometimes tabs. Why tabs should be so important learning tools if the world's best and most creative guitar players never learn from tabs? To be able to read music in classical guitar world is important but it is possible to learn classical music by ear also. Sometimes the actual piece of paper makes itself more important than the music really is for the listener. It makes sense that music sounds and feels better when we listen to it. Why not learn it also by listening?

I've tried to play by ear but it is almost impossible and takes time?


AllEars -method starts with simple melodies and rhythms. One note at a time you will learn to listen what is going on. Of course you cannot jump to your record collection and think that you can play each song in minutes. You need the proper way to develop your skills. AllEars -method starts from day 1 and is the method which gives you the right tools to develop this skill. You can learn to listen to the music you love and transfer it to the guitar.

Please sit down tight and listen, watch and read from this website what AllEars -method has to offer.

"We hope you will enjoy the journey with us"