Learning material

Learning Material

AllEars DVD's

Additional to the online AllEars Method we release in depth instructional material which gives you the instructions for learning most important playing techniques and skills.

Each DVD has several examples from famous songs that everyone wants to hear. By using these musical examples, playing techniques are fun to learn.

Check out the videos below for more information about each DVD. We are sure you will have a lot of fun learning from these DVD's.



Rockin' The Fingerstyle Guitar With Beat Tap

This DVD is all about the new and popular guitar playing technique called BEAT TAP. BEAT TAP is a tecnique which makes possible to imitate drummer and especially the snare drum.

AllEars -instructor Tomi Paldanius will show you how to play the BEAT TAP to common 4/4 -rhythm, how the songs rhytmic feel will change when the rhythm is changed to half time feel and how to BEAT TAP in 6/8 and 3/4 time.

Every acoustic guitar player should know how to BEAT TAP because this technique can be used in wide variety of songs and music styles. ROCKIN' THE FINGERSTYLE GUITAR with BEAT TAP is a DVD which gives you the best way to learn this technique with great music examples.

Fingerstyle Guitar with Thumbstyle

FINGERSTYLE GUITAR with THUMBSTYLE builds your ability to play songs with the "industry standard" THUMBSTYLE technique. THUMBSTYLE technique got its roots from classical guitar 300 years ago and in popular music it's been around about 100 years. Acoustic blues guitar players started to imitate piano players left hand by playing the bass note and chord notes with the thumb and using the other fingersr for the melody.

Thumbstyle got one of its names, Travis Picking from one of the two greatest THUMBSTYLE players of all time, Merle Travis. After Merle Travis, came the great Chet Atkins who is considered as the THUMBSTYLE's biggest hero. From today's players, Tommy Emmanuel is the name to follow. There is a lot of great thumbs out there and with some research you can find many interesting THUMBSTYLE players to listen to.

On this DVD AllEars -instructor Tomi Paldanius shows THUMBSTYLE technique by explaining how to play the alternating- and monotonic bass with the alternating chord notes. Palm muting and more open sounding folk THUMBSTYLE will give you the basic understanding of hand positions and thumb attack. After you got the idea how to play THUMBSTYLE, you can continue to learn the examples from famous songs.

Thumbstyle is suitable for all kind of music and the purpose of this DVD is to give you an inspiration to use this technique with any kind of song/music you've ever wanted to play.

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