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Tomi Paldanius

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From Finland, 25 years playing and 20 years of teaching experience. During the years Tomi has played electric guitar in show bands, graduated as a classical guitar teacher, traveled all around the world playing, making friends and enjoying life as a music lover.

Years in the "real world" as Tomi says has changed his approach for teaching, learning and listening music.

"I've been at the Nashville Chet Atkins Appreciation Society's (CAAS) festival past 7 years and first year it struck me hard that all the greatest musicians are ear players". As a classical trained guitarist, you soon realize that you lack professionalism what these true masters (e.g. Tommy Emmanuel) have. You are technically advanced but the skills to speak and hear the music like the "real musicians" are not there. You either continue without learning the language of music properly or accept the facts and join the fun by learning the ear training basics.

The biggest question arrived to Tomi's mind "How they practice to get great results?". The obvious difference is that they all play by ear. There hasn't been even one single great guitar player during the years, who use tabs or sheet music as the main learning material. Some players transcribe other players but that is totally different approach compared to actually finding a tab for a certain song.

Ear training was the most important change for Tomi's learning and teaching. He is now willing to share with you everything he has learned especially during the past 5 years (After he threw all his tab books and sheet music away) and you can see yourself how great results ear training can bring to you.

 Tomi's thoughts for successful music training

  • Don't be scared that you are not good enough. 99.999% of us suck at ear training at the start.
  • Understand that your ears are undeveloped. If you haven't done ear training, you are total beginner even you have played 30 years.
  • It is never too late to start. It is good to have technical abilities already at the background.
  • Enjoy small and big steps. When you are able to find the key of the song with your guitar, celebrate it. Most of people cannot do it.
  • Ear is the most important instrument musician can have. If you are not totally deaf, you can train it for sure.
  • Playing is a combination of technical skills and emotional skills. When your ears are more developed technical problems will be solved using the ears and hands as friends. Your ears will force you to find technical solution.
  • If you have done some ear training during the past and you did not succeed, give AllEars a try and let it lead you to correct path.
  • You can be a total beginner with your instrument. Sometimes it is even better that you develop your mechanical skills same pace with ear training.
  • Great players are humans too (not gods) so the only reason why they are so much better is the way how they spend their time with their instrument, how they practice so to speak.
  • Natural talent is at the end very minor factor for success. It is just another excuse for not getting to work. It is all about the way we use our time.
  • If you start to develop your ear, you will never regret it.

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