Play What You Hear Program

Play What You Hear

AllEars - Play What You Hear Online ear training program

Groups 1 and 2 are no more available for new students. Group 3 starts on 2nd of August.

AllEars - Play What You Hear is the ultimate online live learning experience.

By taking this course you will learn to listen and play what you hear. That is the most important skill any musician can have. Play What You Hear Program is suitable for total beginners and also as an additional learning process for music students who study at Music Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities.

Ear Training is the most important training for musicians and it has been proved by the top artists and musicians all around the world. This motivating course will most certainly change your way forever how you approach learning music. The most natural way.

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Why Listen?

Why AllEars?

What are the benefits

Our goal is to help you understand why ear training is so important and all musicians should do it every time they pick up their instruments.

When you start to believe that ear training is the most effective way to learn music: You have made the decision for success.




Benefits of The AllEars - Play What You Hear program

  • You will learn to listen and then play what you hear from the very beginning.
  • After you have developed basic skills (takes about 15 weeks) you can learn most of your favorite songs by ear.
  • Learning by ear is extremely awarding.
  • You will learn to arrange songs.
  • You don't need to waste time anymore to search, ask or buy tabs/sheet music.
  • You can learn songs which have never been tabbed or don't have notation available.
  • You can carry the Soundtrack of Your life with you...inside your head.
  • Ear training develops your memory and is very good exercise for your brain.
  • It is possible to learn songs extremely fast and the speed will increase more and more when you give more time for ear training.
  • It is easier to jam with other musicians.
  • Usual motivation problems will be history. These will appear usually after 2 years of tab playing and in worse case scenario tab playing can end young guitarists hobby.
  • Guitar playing is not just "cool" anymore... When you listen music more carefully, you will connect to it with more wider emotional spectrum.
  • Ear training will take your musicianship to totally new level.

It is hard to imagine any explanation why you should not take ear training seriously. It can save you from many bad habits and from underdevelopment as a musician. Ear training is now fun because of the laid back and easy to follow AllEars program.

Who We Are

Tomi Paldanius

Learn from TOMI Paldanius

From Finland, 25 years playing and 20 years of teaching experience. During the years Tomi has played electric guitar in show bands, graduated as a classical guitar teacher, traveled all around the world playing, making friends and enjoying life as a music lover.

Years in the "real world" as Tomi says has changed his approach for teaching, learning and listening music.

"I've been at the Nashville Chet Atkins Appreciation Society's (CAAS) festival past 7 years and first year it struck me hard that all the greatest musicians are ear players". As a classical trained guitarist, you soon realize that you lack professionalism what these true masters (e.g. Tommy Emmanuel) have. You are technically advanced but the skills to speak and hear the music like the "real musicians" are not there. You either continue without learning the language of music properly or accept the facts and join the fun by learning the ear training basics.

The biggest question arrived to Tomi's mind "How they practice to get great results?". The obvious difference is that they all play by ear. There hasn't been even one single great guitar player during the years, who use tabs or sheet music as the main learning material. Some players transcribe other players but that is totally different approach compared to actually finding a tab for a certain song.

Ear training was the most important change for Tomi's learning and teaching. He is now willing to share with you everything he has learned especially during the past 5 years (After he threw all his tab books and sheet music away) and you can see yourself how great results ear training can bring to you.

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Learning material

Learning Material

AllEars DVD's

Additional to the online AllEars Method we release in depth instructional material which gives you the instructions for learning most important playing techniques and skills.

Each DVD has several examples from famous songs that everyone wants to hear. By using these musical examples, playing techniques are fun to learn.

Check out the videos below for more information about each DVD. We are sure you will have a lot of fun learning from these DVD's.



Rockin' The Fingerstyle Guitar With Beat Tap

This DVD is all about the new and popular guitar playing technique called BEAT TAP. BEAT TAP is a tecnique which makes possible to imitate drummer and especially the snare drum.

AllEars -instructor Tomi Paldanius will show you how to play the BEAT TAP to common 4/4 -rhythm, how the songs rhytmic feel will change when the rhythm is changed to half time feel and how to BEAT TAP in 6/8 and 3/4 time.

Every acoustic guitar player should know how to BEAT TAP because this technique can be used in wide variety of songs and music styles. ROCKIN' THE FINGERSTYLE GUITAR with BEAT TAP is a DVD which gives you the best way to learn this technique with great music examples.

Fingerstyle Guitar with Thumbstyle

FINGERSTYLE GUITAR with THUMBSTYLE builds your ability to play songs with the "industry standard" THUMBSTYLE technique. THUMBSTYLE technique got its roots from classical guitar 300 years ago and in popular music it's been around about 100 years. Acoustic blues guitar players started to imitate piano players left hand by playing the bass note and chord notes with the thumb and using the other fingersr for the melody.

Thumbstyle got one of its names, Travis Picking from one of the two greatest THUMBSTYLE players of all time, Merle Travis. After Merle Travis, came the great Chet Atkins who is considered as the THUMBSTYLE's biggest hero. From today's players, Tommy Emmanuel is the name to follow. There is a lot of great thumbs out there and with some research you can find many interesting THUMBSTYLE players to listen to.

On this DVD AllEars -instructor Tomi Paldanius shows THUMBSTYLE technique by explaining how to play the alternating- and monotonic bass with the alternating chord notes. Palm muting and more open sounding folk THUMBSTYLE will give you the basic understanding of hand positions and thumb attack. After you got the idea how to play THUMBSTYLE, you can continue to learn the examples from famous songs.

Thumbstyle is suitable for all kind of music and the purpose of this DVD is to give you an inspiration to use this technique with any kind of song/music you've ever wanted to play.

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AllEars Method

AllEars Method

The best value for any musician. AllEars Method takes your playing and musicianship to the next level.

As a VIP member you will get access to hundreds of AllEars Method video lessons.

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The best value for any musician. VIP membership will give you access to AllEars Method, VIP Forum and VIP meetings.

As a VIP member you will get access to hundreds of AllEars Method video lessons.

AllEars Method is one of a kind method for music learning. Its goal is to give all the necessary skills and information for learning anything you hear. You don't need to ask for another tab or buy another song book. You will learn the skill to learn everything by yourself. 

AllEars Method is not just ear training. It is about understanding music and how it is composed. Sense Of Form is very much fun part of the method which will lead you to the understanding how similar so many songs can be with each other.

AllEars Method gives you technical tuition and how to use your physics to achieve your goals with any music you play. Beat Tap, Thumbstyle, Classical Techniques, Rhythm Strumming and more.

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