Can I learn songs fast with AllEars?

Tabs are not the fastest and easiest way to learn songs. Good ear player will find chords and melody to any song in minutes. And the best part is that learning material is free. All the material is here (CD:s, YouTube etc.). You just need to find the way to develop the skilsl to transfer the sounds you hear to your instrument. That is what the AllEars Method is all about.

By using the AllEars Method you will soon learn for example AllEars Forms which will give you a possibility to learn hundreds of songs. Understanding the form is one way to build the repertoire but to learn any popular song by ear is not the biggest challenge for a guitar player who is learning with AllEars Method.

Use the same learning techniques what the best guitar players use as your practice routine. That is AllEars Method. Way to develop your skill to learn fast what you hear.